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Creating a fulfilling, balanced,
proactive plan for your 3rd Act

Retirement poses some of the most challenging questions we have ever faced.  Who am I and what kind of person do I want to become? Where do I want my life to go next? What legacy will I leave?

Rather than seeing retirement as a period of simple rest and leisure, you can choose to see it as a period of opportunity - not a safe harbor, but an exciting change of course on a bold new voyage.

This is a journey you can face yourself if you so choose, learning and experimenting as you go. Or, you can choose to draw on the skills and expertise of an experienced guide, to help you weather the storms and successfully navigate your transitional journey.

An experienced Retirement Transition Coach will help you assess your goals and needs, craft a customized plan to guide your growth, and support your progress through this transformational time. Such non-financial retirement coaching can help you think through and strategize all aspects of your Act 3 adventure, to more effectively and efficiently carve out your new Encore Life.

Non-Financial Retirement Coaching focuses on Retirement Wellness. This is the process by which one prepares to replace their work-identity, stay connected to family and friends, keep mentally and physically strong, and remain spiritually active.

Even before you tackle the financial issues related to retirement, you should develop a helpful mindset, with positive beliefs and behaviors that support a happy and productive retirement transition.

This is the Non-Financial side of retirement that also need to be addressed, as you consider your retirement and Encore life.  This season of life can be one of your most joyous, productive ones - if you approach it in a balanced and proactive way. 


Don't just retire - Refire!

One of our goals at Morning Light Coaching  is to help individual's and couples to reinvent their retirement years through structured retirement transition programs. Our "Don't Just Retire, Refire!" and "Purpose-Driven Retirement" coaching, groups, and workshops can help guide you through your voyage into your Third Act / Encore Life.  Our objective is to help you develop, design and live a Purpose-Driven Retirement, enabling you to THRIVE during your retirement years.


Retirement Coaching

- Strategizing retirement 
(beyond just the finances)
- Building a meaningful Encore Career
- Retirement transition
- Strengthening marriage after retirement.

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