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Retirement Coaching

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 Need to create a more meaningful and satisfying life after retirement? 

Life Coaching

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Ready to take life to the next level, in pursuing your dreams and reaching your potential?

Relationship Coaching

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 Want to learn how to strengthen your marriage or another important relationship? 

Meet Your Coach

Steve Wrigley, Life Coach


Steve Wrigley, MA, BCC, CRC

 I partner with individuals who desire to overcome their obstacles, solve their challenges, and bring out their full potential, by helping them chart a successful Purpose-Driven Life.

I support individuals who have been following a vision and dream all their life, and now are seeking to discover a new direction for their 3rd Act, after their retirement - Individuals who are seeking to find joy, happiness, success and have a desire to leave a legacy.

My Specialties Include:

Retirement Coaching

- Strategizing your retirement
(beyond just the finances)
- Building a meaningful Encore Career
- Retirement transition
-Strengthening marriage after retirement

Life Coaching

Increasing your personal:
- Happiness
- Resilience 
- Productivity
- Health and Wellness
- Spirituality

Relationship Coaching

- Improving communication
- Expanding mutual understanding
- Building respect
- Strengthening cooperation
- Expanding connection

How I Can Help

Goal Identification

1. Goal Identification

I'll help you identify your goals and objectives, and then make a plan to help you fulfill them over time.

Strategy Development

2. Strategy Development

I'll help you strategize a practical, step-by-step process for fulfilling your vision and objectives.

Education & Training

3. Education & Training

I'll provide training, written materials, and workshops to continuously expand your knowledge and skills.

Support & Accountability

4. Support & Accountability

I'll help you decide on your specific steps forward; then cheer you on as you report your progress.

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 Schedule a strategy session today, to explore how I can help you make the rest of your life the best of your life. 

Coaching services are available by phone, Zoom, or in-person in my office in Sandy, Utah.

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